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The Chess Player

Pièce de théâtre

Based on a novella by Stefan Zweig, The Chess Player tells the tale of a journey into and out of madness.

Imprisoned in solitary confinement by the Nazis, a prisoner, slides into insanity until he steals a book of grand chess tournaments. Living through them he holds onto reality. This works until they become too familiar and he begins to tumble back into the abyss. Desperate he creates new games playing with...or rather against himself, dividing himself into two...

Beyond the story of survival, the production has a larger, meta-theatre frame in which the actor steps out of the play as the playwright/performer struggling with the process of creating a good show. He explores the idea of how our lives parallel the action of the play. How, like the doctor in solitary survives by entering an illusion, so do we in our lives reaching out to illusions to guide us... like going to watch theatre.

Theatre Omnibus is a professional theatre committed to engaging, entertaining and challenging audiences, empowering them to reach beyond the traditional scope of their lives and quest for a newer, deeper truth in their day-to-day experience.

The Chess Player

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